At ICP, we believe that actions matter. That's why our system achieves results. Being able to measure the success of implementing our unique methods is key to your operations - and to our mutual success. You already know the metrics for your facility, your caregivers, and your patients. Partnering with ICP will help you to improve them, guaranteed.

As ICP's methodology is tailored specific to each facility or institution's needs, other verifiable data is also tracked on a consistent basis. This allows ICP to consistently review and refine processes and share results and recommendations with our clients regularly.


ICP is not a 'one size fits all' provider. In the same way that every facility or institution possesses character traits of its own, the manner of ICP's adaptation into your environment is paramount to a successful partnership.

Our unique approach begins in identifying the best practices at each client facility, then taking steps to refine and integrate our systems with yours. Once accomplished, we work as a team, constantly improving processes as new areas ripe for innovation are identified over time.

Collaboration takes place along every link in the chain: Patient, resident, student, faculty, extended family, administration, insurance, caregivers, nurse practitioners, physicians, emergency care and hospitals. Only through achieving a symbiotic collaboration among all of these elements can the ultimate level of care be achieved: Medical and physical health and wellness, continuity and quality of care, and the highest level of patient satisfaction.